We are not generally getting too serious

Michael’s blog on the “Errintonian”

sort of tethered to a tree

Farmer's market knitware

Wooly Owls and things

Errington Farmer’s market Home Page

We are Not Generally Getting Too Serious
and welcome you, greet you, patronize you, and are complimenting you for your taste of shirt while surfing the net

Music at the Market

Farmer’s market music every Saturday 10 am to 1 pm

Here is a Poem for you

Fairy songs began to appear from the inky night

As flames lick their humble oblations

Before shining upward to their bretheren stars

Woven between Indigo and Golden skies

And with their songs

Came gentle fluttering of wings

Thin graceful dreams, sweet and cherubim,

Where loves sweet breast and bestiary

Nigh capture in words

Trees who’s limbs bestow their blessings of

Jasmin, roses, oranges, and compassion

While earth stills, and Fairies dance

View near HOrseshoe bay

Straight of Georgia

Horseshoe Bay Home Page

Postal speed Net Chess

drawn endgame

Joe’s Cafe Thursday evening Chess

HyperHistory.com web site features graphical timelines to access world history, people, easily and quickly. A most comprehensive reference to world history freely available on the web, or in hard copy. Authored by Andreas Nothiger, Born in Zurich,


And here is some philosophy for you

  1. Most of the great problems we face today are caused by politicians creating
    solutions to problems they created in the first place
  2. It is better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt
  3. Expect nothing and you will never be disappointed


Deer looking at me

Music – Ivan Rebroff, Dark eyes

Music – Dark eyes, translated into English, a lovely version

Music – Ivan Rebroff – Eyes of Midnight, from album Somewhere my love, Half Russsian, half in english

Music – Phoebe Snow, Teach me tonight

Corn Festival in Brittania center East Vancouver

I highly recommend viewing the first link at the top, which is the Farmer’s Market web page link, it is a tremendous example of web page design.

Pic of Michael Dent

Errington resident and local volunteer, Michael Dent

Hi, I’m Michael Dent, I reside in the semi-rural town of Errington on Vancouver Island, in the province of BC, western most province in Canada. I have a few links which are local to the area. There are a lot of music links, and some reference links to things like “The good drug guide”, and the associated problem of sexuality, its being used by commercial advertisors, the affects of that and so on. Some links to HTML coding, for those brave enough to try to write a web page from scratch, and the rest is mostly the lighter side of humour, although surrealism isn’t just that. There is a wealth of art on the net, and of course, poetry. I am a Linux user, and keep Ubuntu, OpenSuse in a multi-boot configuration, sometimes with something like XP. I assemble desktop workstations, install, configure the software, and repair existing machines. I am an avid cyclist, coffee hound, and take an interest in the game of chess, I play both blitz and postal time control. And here I am in cyber space just for the fun of it.

My email address, should you like to contact me is mikedent67@hotmail.com Enjoy.

Errington Hall Home page

Errington Fire Rescue web site

Arrowsmith Ground search and rescue

North Island Wildlife Recovery center

Francois Mongeau Sculpter, Carver

Noah Herbison, artist living in Errington

Richard Boyce Documentory Filmmaker and Cinematographer

David and Caz Field’s blog on their trip to India, beautifully written and arranged

Rhonda Dent photography

Surrealism of Europe

Art – Many, if not most of the world’s famous painters

Humour – Funny cats, (quite a long video)

Humour – Parrot immitates baby

Poetry – Dylan Thomas, Fern Hill

Chess – Play “postal” time control, which is slowly

Noam Chomsky – Emerging Framework of World Power, video lecture by one of the world’s most notable linguists, and anti-war authors critically analysing American foreign policy

The Good Drug Guide Drug affects, effects, phsychoactive, popular, Street drug info

Sexuality in Advertising, resource

W3.org HTML tags reference, their index of elements

Bootable rescue cd for Ubuntu, must read well about it to use

Linux vs Microsoft Windows, a comparison and highly informative reference

Google Android operating system malware targeting phones, info page from TrendMicro

Orange cat

Floating cat website, good for the kid in you.

Here are some pictures taken of Story book village in Qualicum Beach, which concern one of the organizations for which I have previously volunteered, called
Oceanside Building Learning Together Society

flower box

Garden planter display

Story book village gas station

Gas Station

Tricycle track

Oval track for tricycles

BLT center at Story book village

BLT center at Story book village

preparation for barbecue

Preparation for year end Barbecue at Story book Village in Qualicum Beach

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